Know How Pain-O-Soma Takes Off Pain

Pain-o-soma is a prominent brand that smashes the legacy of torment from the root particularly the one that is related with strong harm, fit, jerks, tremor, weariness, firmness, and tendon tearing. Not this, rather it deals with the agony after the surgeries, operation, minor and significant mishaps.

Mode of working

Carisoprodol is the utilitarian component that is grasped inside Soma or Pain-O-Soma. The prescription falls under the pharmaceutical class of halfway acting muscle relaxant that demonstrations by plunging the odd the neuronal correspondence inside the reticular arrangement and spinal rope and consequently bodes well the muscle torment. The drug causes sedation and change in torment observation. Consequently, enlarges the pace of recuperating in harmed individual.

Dosage and strength of Soma


The dosage administration for Pain-O-Soma is twice in a day when strength is 500mg and thrice in a day, when it is 350mg to be taken twice or thrice a day according to the frenzy state of agony with titanic water either in or nonattendance of nourishment. The most extreme dosage that can be taken by the patient is 1400 mg for grown-ups and 800mg for adults.

Side effects

Some summed up harmful impacts of taking Pain-o-Soma incorporates wooziness, weakness, a sleeping disorder, sickness, steamed stomach, hack, fever, dry mouth, eagerness, disarray, and nervousness.



  • Patients under 12 years old ought not to utilize this medicine.
  • Avoid riding, driving, and operation of overwhelming apparatus with drug to keep any incident or harm because of the soothing impact of prescription.
  • The pregnant and lactating mother ought to dodge the medication intake without the earlier meeting of a doctor.

Order Pain-o-soma online today and get back to your normal life with a fresh start altogether.


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