Careprost Eye Drop: A Miracle Eye Drop For Beautiful You

Careprost Eye Drops contains Bimatoprost as active ingredient. This treats hypotrichosis (short eye lashes). It expands the length, thickness and shade of eyelashes. Bimatoprost is likewise a treatment for glaucoma.

Careprost is an effective ophthalmic solution that is utilized for developing eyelashes. The dynamic ingredient does this by expanding the thickness, thickness, and length of the eyelashes. In addition to this, the eye drop is also used to expand amount of liquid in the eye and is quite used to treat glaucoma. For a glaucoma treatment, the prescription should be dropped onto the eye, rather than the eye top just when utilized for eyelash treatment.

Dosage and mode of application


Put one drop of Careprost on a fluid eyeliner cartridge. Draw a line along the upper eyelid, and after that expel the excess fluid. Rehash this technique with the other eye. Try not to apply Careprost eye drop to the base/lower eyelid.

Apply Careprost eye drop once every day. Results can typically be seen following two months of utilization, in spite of the fact that it for the most part takes three to four months to accomplish the wanted impacts.


Once the coveted length or thickness is accomplished, apply Careprost once per week to keep up this length. On the off chance that you totally quit utilizing this eye drop, your eyelashes will return to their past state.

Order Careprost eye drop online from the certified drug stores and get it delivered to the shipping address within the assured time.


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