Apply Careprost regularly and improve your thin eyelashes

One of the well-known pharmaceutical medicines if you want to use for effective result for eyelashes; you will get only one answer in the form of Careprost. Millions of satisfied users have used it and are still using as it is very much safe to use. Those who have less or short eyelashes have used it and have glorified their face. You can buy Careprost from our online pharmacy stores at an affordable price.

Active and Inactive ingredients in Careprost:


Careprost contains bimatoprost as active ingredient that plays a crucial role in getting perfect result. In addition, this eye drop also has different types of inactive ingredients such as sodium phosphate, dibasic, purified water, sodium chloride and many more. You can also buy the medicine under the Lattise that got approval from FDA in December 2008.

Importance of Careprost:

You will be surprise to know that you’re this wonderful medicine can be used for reducing intraocular pressure. This is mainly done by outflow increase of aqueous humour that is a fluid in case of glaucoma patient.


Beside this, the medicine increases the time period of growth phase of eyelashes that mainly becomes a key factor for increasing the growth of the eyelashes. Additionally, the thickness, length and darkness of the eyelashes also get increased if you use Careprost as per instruction of your doctor.

Dosages of Careprost:

Use Careprost one drop one in a day, mostly in the evening along with the skin of the upper eyelid at the base of the eyelashes. Use the given applicator for applying Careprost.

Buy Careprost today and enhance your facial beauty as much as you can by simply applying the drop in time.


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